Trump: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Created the Islamic State


BILOXI, MS — During his rally on Saturday night at a packed Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump took aim at his potential general election opponent, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Trump referenced Saturday’s protest in Tehran at the Saudi Arabian embassy that resulted in the ransack and fire of the embassy.

“One thing I see out there just happened today in Tehran,” Trump said. “They’re burning down the Saudi Embassy, you see that? Now, what that is is Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia. They always have. They want the oil, OK? They’ve always wanted that.”

Trump, in referencing his previously stated positions on the Middle East, pointed out the importance of oil revenue to ISIS and how that can be eliminated.

“I’ve predicted a lot of things, you have to say, including, ‘Get the oil, take the oil, keep the oil,'” he said. “Right? I’ve been saying that for three years, and everybody said, ‘Oh, I can’t do that. I mean, this is a sovereign country.’ There is no country.”

Trump went on, however, to pin the blame of the rise of ISIS on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

“They have a bunch of dishonest people,” Trump said. “They’ve created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama — created with Obama. But I love predicting because you know, ultimately, you need somebody with vision.”

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