Chris Christie Admits He Was Pro-Gun Control: ‘I’ve Changed My Mind’


On January 6, Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie admitted he used to be pro-gun control, but says he has now changed his position.

This admission comes roughly six weeks after Christie told Fox News’ Bret Baier, “No, that’s not true,” after Baier uncovered a report in The Star-Ledger quoting Christie saying he entered politics to fight for an “assault weapons” ban in 1993.

While talking with Sean Hannity on Wednesday, Christie admitted he used to be pro-gun control, but said his time as a prosecutor taught him the error of that position.

According to Politico, Christie decided to enter politics because of a Republican-led effort to repeal the state’s assault weapons ban in 1993. In 1995, “Christie campaigned as a supporter of an assault weapons ban and called those in opposition ‘dangerous,’ ‘crazy,’ and ‘radical.’”

Politico reports that while speaking with Hannity, Christie said:

Well listen, in 1995, Sean, I was 32 years old and I’ve changed my mind. And the biggest reason that I changed my mind was my seven years as a federal prosecutor. What I learned in those seven years was that we were spending much too much time talking about gun laws against law-abiding citizens and not nearly enough time talking about enforcing the gun laws strongly against criminals.

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