Climate Change: Lena Dunham Misleads Hillary Event Audience on Whether She Wore Jacket Outside

Lena Dunham Clinton Event Twitter @mjbnh
Twitter @mjbnh

Lena Dunham told an untrue story Friday in support of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Dunham, the alleged entertainer best known for the HBO program Girls and for her various social media provocations, appeared at a Clinton organizing event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to offer her support for Clinton’s policies.

But Dunham’s justification for supporting Clinton’s global warming stance rang false.

“And Hillary Clinton believes that the globe is actually warming, which everybody in this state can attest to, because I didn’t even need my jacket outside and it’s January in New England,” Dunham said.

However, Twitter records reveal that Dunham did, in fact, wear a jacket to the event.

The temperature in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was 36 degrees Fahrenheit Friday afternoon, according to