North Dakota Man Arrested After Admitting Plan to Abduct Obama’s Dog

REUTERS/Larry Downing
REUTERS/Larry Downing
Washington, D.C.

A North Dakota man named Scott Stockert was arrested Wednesday after Washington, D.C., police officers learned he had traveled to the Hampton Inn near the Washington Convention Center to dognap the First Dog of the United States, Bo.

Stockert appeared before a D.C. Superior Court on Friday on firearms charges.

The Secret Service tipped D.C. investigators, who then tracked down Stockert at the downtown D.C. hotel. There Stockert admitted that he was armed with a shotgun and a rifle, according to police, and other charges were added as it is illegal to possess unregistered firearms in D.C.

The police report also said Stockert had a machete and a billy club in his pickup truck, according to NBC.

Stockert told police officers that his parents were John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, adding that he traveled to D.C. to declare his candidacy for U.S. president.

He also said that he is Jesus Christ, court documents said, according to NBC Washington.

Investigators said it’s still unclear why Stockert went through all the trouble to abduct the president’s 7-year-old dog.

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