WaPo: History Shows Trump Now Favored to Win Nomination

<> on December 5, 2015 in Davenport, Iowa.
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From Chris Cillizza writing at the Washington Post:

When people find out I am a political reporter, they usually have only one question for me: “Donald Trump can’t really win this thing, can he?” My answer is always the same these days: Absolutely he can.

The reason is simple: Trump is the national front-runner, yes, but he is also ahead in a two key early states — New Hampshire and South Carolina — and a strong second in Iowa, the state that kicks the whole presidential process off on Feb. 1.

Could he totally collapse from that position? Sure. As we know from recent history, voters in Iowa and New Hampshire don’t start paying all that close attention to the race until about 30 days or so out from the actual vote — meaning that polling on what the race looks like tends to be an inexact science.

But the fact that Trump is ahead nationally and that he is running first or second in Iowa and New Hampshire is meaningful, argues Sam Wang over at the Princeton Election Consortium.

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