Trump: Obama ‘Hitting’ The 2nd Amendment

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“President Obama has been hitting the Second Amendment,” and wants to hit it again with more gun-control, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said during the January 10 airing of Fox News Sunday.

Obama should not be pursuing gun control “through executive order,” Trump said. Rather, Obama “should get together with the Republicans and the Democrats, and work something out,” he said, giving Congress the opportunity to check the President’s actions by refusing gun control.

Obama has gone around this Congressional check–not just on guns, but also “on the border and…all over the place,” he said. “Does [Obama] even meet with anybody anymore? All he does now is sign executive orders.”

“I have a real problem any time you start knocking and taking chunks out of the Second Amendment.”

The conversation then turned to Trump’s support for an armed citizenry, with Trump saying that if even “a couple” of citizens in San Bernardino had had guns, “it would have been a totally different story.” He said:

In Paris–the toughest gun laws they say, in the world, or just about–France, the toughest gun laws in the world–[and] 130 people killed. And people in those rooms in Paris–when they were being shot–no guns on the good guys’ side–had there been guns [in the people’s hands] there would have been shooting and [the gunmen] would have be gone and it would have been a much more smaller tragedy than it turned out to be.

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