Ted Cruz ‘Natural Born Citizen,’ But Questions Legitimate, CR Editor Says

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Conservative Review editor Daniel Horowitz, asked about the Cruz citizenship issue cited his pretty long post of January 7 at Conservative Review, saying, “The fact that we have to have such a wordy post shows that it does merit just discussing this because simply we haven’t had a president … who wasn’t born here. People do need to be educated.”

Horowitz also said he “thinks it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s a natural born citizen. But for running for president, you want to make sure.” What Horowitz said he did mind is, “those who believe that children born to illegal aliens are automatically citizens and question Cruz, like John McCain is doing.”

Added Horowitz, “What I point out in my post is that citizenship is based upon allegiance and consent through the family long before it had anything to do with soil.”

“I don’t think there’s anyway the courts could deal with it,” he went on, “there’s nothing to glean from History here. It uses the word natural born and it is not a word of art, in other words, a known legal definition at the time.” Added Horowitz with regard to citizenship and parentage, “Since our founding it was always determined by the Father … since 1934 we define it based on the Mother, as well.”

Asked if this might have been used as a typical Clinton October Surprise in the general election, Horowitz said, “exactly, and that’s why I’m not against going through this. I think it’s important to know I’ve had a lot of family members that have said, “Man, he wasn’t born here because a lot of people think, … they don’t understand the word natural born. They think you’re either naturalized, or you’re born here. They never thought of a third scenario where you’re an automatic citizen being a child of an American citizen born overseas.”

The rest of the interview can be heard below.