Store Owner Fends Off Would-Be Robber, Shoots Up Charging Getaway Car


On January 12, a convenience store owner in Cocoa, Florida, pulled his gun from behind the counter and fended off an would-be robber then shot up the getaway car charging at him.

The incident occurred around 8 p.m.

According to Fox 35, police say there were three suspects in all–two remained in the getaway car and one donned ski mask and went inside the store to demand money. Police said the armed man “pointed a gun at the shopkeeper” and “that’s when the owner pulled out a gun and shot the suspect several times.”

The owner said, “The guy opened the door and wear ski mask and one hand by plastic bag and one hand have gun. Then, I reach my gun and … I shot him.”

The wounded suspect scrambled out the door, screaming for the getaway car. The store ran outside as well and said the driver of the getaway car tried to hit him–so the store owner opened fire on the getaway car. Police later located the car–a silver Camaro–with bullet holes in it.

The “driver of the car has been identified as DeJuan Wright, 24, and the other passenger is Janisha Smith, 23.” The suspect who was shot was identified as 31-year-old Norrick Hyman.  Detective Ben Erskine said, “Two of the suspects have been committing serious felonies in Cocoa for a long time.”

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