Iowa Poll: Trump Jumps Ahead of Cruz In First Caucus State


A poll of 422 Republicans who are likely to vote in the Iowa caucus shows Donald Trump jumping ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz, 34 percent to 28 percent.

That five-point advantage is on the edge of the poll’s five-point margin of error, but it is a better result for Trump than a prior Fox News poll, released Jan. 8, which showed Cruz at 27 percent and Trump at 23 percent.

It’s also better for Trump than a Dec. 7 poll by Monmouth University, which reported that Cruz had 24 percent, and Trump had just 19 percent.

The new poll was conducted Jan. 11 and Jan. 12 by Gravis Marketing, for One American News Network. Sixty percent of the respondents said they were very likely to vote in the Feb. 1 caucus.

The poll also showed that Ben Carson had 9 percent support in Iowa. Sen, Marco Rubio and Gov. Chris Christie were stuck at 5 percent, while Gov. Jeb Bush was only at 4 percent.

One extra question asked respondents if they believe there should be a moratorium on “Muslim immigration.” Eighty-two percent of Republicans said they would favor a moratorium.

A simultaneous poll of 461 Democrats by Gravis showed that Hillary Clinton was way ahead of rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, 57 percent to 36 percent.