BBC: GOP Debate Turns into ‘Brawl’

Trump beats Cruz (Scott Olson / Getty)
Scott Olson / Getty

From Anthony Zurcher writing at the BBC:

With just over two weeks before the Iowa caucuses, the campaign for the Republican nomination is reaching its climax. If Thursday night’s debate is any indication, it’s going to become a brawl.

One candidate – Ohio Governor John Kasich – tried to stay above the fray and focus on the economy. Another – retired surgeon Ben Carson – joked about his sleepy reputation and then did nothing to dispel it.

The rest, however, engaged in a raucous scrum that most closely resembled a wrestling battle royale, with a crowded ring and fights breaking out at every turn.

And if there’s one big-takeaway from this sixth Republican contest, it’s that Donald Trump is improving as a debater – and that should be a big concern for the Republican establishment.

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