Hillary Clinton: ‘I Know How Much Money Influences the Political Decision-Making’

NBC News/screenshot
NBC News/screenshot

Hillary Clinton battled Bernie Sanders in Sunday night’s debate to present herself as a left-wing torchbearer of President Obama’s legacy on health care.

Bernie Sanders fought against some aspects of Obamacare, including the insurance-company bailout that was originally built into the law and urged Americans to have “the guts to stand up to private insurance companies with all their money” and prescription drug companies and give Medicare to everyone.

“I know how much money influences the political decision-making,” Clinton said, not acknowledging the irony of the statement, considering her years of Wall Street campaign contributions. “That’s why I’m for campaign finance reform. However…” she said, before defending Obamacare and bashing other Democrats for not supporting the public option that could have allowed more people to buy into Medicare.

Clinton said that she is “someone who has a little bit of experience standing up to the health care industry which has spent millions and millions of dollars attacking me.”

But as Breitbart News reported, Hillary Clinton and her husband have taken millions of dollars in recent years from prescription drug companies.

Clinton called Obamacare the greatest thing that President Obama accomplished and one of the greatest things ever accomplished by the Democratic Party and also the United States of America.

Clinton added a line about how Obamacare, despite being one of the greatest things in the history of America, is not currently working.

“This has been the fight of the Democratic Party for decades… let’s take the Affordable Care Act, let’s make it work.”