Pamela Geller: UK Trump Ban Debate ‘Clown Contest’; Muslim Apologists Tried to ‘Out-Bootlick’ Islamic Supremacists

England's parliament debates to ban Donald Trump from the country

On Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125), Pamela Geller blasted the UK for debating whether to ban Donald Trump while allowing in Islamic hate preachers.

She said the West is living in “Operation Fetal Position” because of mass Muslim immigration and warned that Europe is merely a decade ahead of the U.S. if Muslim immigration continues to go unchecked.

Geller told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that the Trump “debate” in the UK parliament on Monday was a “clown contest with these Islamic apologists trying to outdo each other, trying to out-bootlick Britain’s Islamic supremacists.”

Geller emphasized that the strategy the West has been following the past decade to “silence critics of Jihad, Sharia” is not working.

“Global jihad is out of control,” she said. “The west is living in Operation Fetal Position waiting for the next attack.”

Geller said the idea that “our closest ally in Europe… would ban the man who would be the next President of the United States” shows “how over the cliff” Europe has gone.

Geller, who has also been banned from the UK and has not been given her day in court, pointed out that “Muslim immigration presents a unique problem because a good number of Muslims come to the West with… a ready-made model of society that they believe is superior… that they wish to implement in the West.”

“You see it particularly in Europe where there is large Muslim immigration,” she said, adding that Europe is a decade ahead of the U.S. “We can see our future. There’s not a question. The no-go zones, the Sharia courts, the chip, chip, chipping away at our freedoms. The invoking of freedom speech to kill freedom of speech.”

Geller blasted the UK for “allowing in egregious hate preachers who advocate for wife beating, who advocate for Jew-hatred, who advocate for the Sharia” while those who oppose Sharia are banned for violating blasphemy laws. Geller pointed out that Islam cannot be criticized under Sharia and the blasphemy laws are “punitive against religious minorities, especially Christians,” since they are used to “imprison and execute those they perceive to be violating it.”

In the West, Geller said “Islamic supremacists are given a platform and the imprimatur of legitimacy” and those that oppose Jihad are “relegated to the very fringe” while “they assassinate your character… murder your good name.”

“Sharia is the most extreme, brutal ideology on the face of the earth,” Geller said. “Why in God’s name is a country founded on individual rights, freedom of speech adhering to it?”

She also did not mince words when discussing Facebook’s reported deal with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to scrub anti-migrant hate speech. Geller said Merkel has “snapped” and “has become unhinged” in pursuing a “suicidal strategy” by allowing a Muslim invasion of Germany. And she said “for [Facebook’s Mark] Zuckerberg to grow up in this country and become so enormously wealthy” and “to turn his back on freedom… it’s like the spell of Islam.”

“It’s this insanity that has taken hold of the West,” she continued. “It really will be the death of freedom, and we are entering a very dark age.”