Hillary Clinton Will Get a Final Chance to Beat Bernie Sanders in Iowa Town Hall Before the Caucus

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CNN has scheduled a primetime town hall event in Iowa to give Hillary Clinton an opportunity to beat back the Bernie Sanders surge on the cusp of the Iowa Democratic caucus.

CNN announced Wednesday that it will hold a televised town hall at 9 PM this coming Monday, January 25. The event is not on the existing Democratic debate schedule, but it will give Clinton a chance to address her rapidly declining poll numbers and try to win back some support from Sanders.

Ironically, Democrats have tried to hide Clinton during debate season, as they did this past Sunday, when they stuck a debate on a Sunday night. But now, it seems, Clinton actually wants to be seen.

As Breitbart News exclusively reported, the financially insolvent Democratic National Committee (DNC) is relying on wire payments from the Hillary Clinton campaign to fund its state-level get-out-the-vote efforts, leading to accusations that the DNC is in the pocket of Clinton. But that hasn’t been enough to stop Sanders.

Sanders now leads Clinton by 27 points in New Hampshire, is running neck-in-neck with her in Iowa, and could be competitive in South Carolina if he wins the black vote.

Sanders scored big in Sunday night’s Democratic debate against Clinton, mostly with his jabs at her Wall Street ties.

“I have doubts when people receive huge amounts of money from Wall Street,” Sanders said in the debate.

“The leader of Goldman Sachs is a billionaire,” who advocates that Congress cuts Social Security, Sanders said, adding, “Secretary Clinton…you’ve received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year,” even though the firm paid fines for illegal behavior.

“Not one of their executives is prosecuted, while kids who smoke marijuana get a jail sentence,” he said.

As Breitbart News has reported, Clinton’s son-in-law helped his buddy at Goldman Sachs get a favor-request sent to Clinton at the State Department on behalf of a Goldman client.

CNN, once known colloquially as “Clinton News Network,” has been favorable to the Clintons since 1992, when Larry King told Bill Clinton on a hot mic that CNN founder Ted Turner would “serve” him after the presidential election.