Morrissey: Trump-Sanders Election Would Shock US Politics

Sanders and Trump AP
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Edward Morrissey writes that a Trump-Sanders election would upend American politics.

With a crowded field of Republican candidates still in play less than two weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses, real-estate tycoon and Donald Trump dominates national polling and looks strong in both Iowa and New Hampshire three weeks ahead of their first-in-the-nation primary.

What was supposed to be a coronation for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic contest has turned into such a tough fight that the former Secretary of State may end up losing in both states to Bernie Sanders. Sanders refused to affiliate himself with the Democratic Party throughout his twenty-five years in Congress, preferring to call himself a Socialist.

If anything, both appear to be gaining momentum as the contests approach. Donald Trump picked up a big endorsement this week from Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin who joined Trump on the campaign trail in Iowa. Sanders has managed to leverage his hostility to super-PACs and deep-pocket donors into a small-ticket fundraising machine strong enough that Clinton’s campaign now openly frets that Team Sanders could outraise in hard money.

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