Atlanta Paper Epitomizes Gun Grabbers’ Tactics In 2 Sentences Back-to-Back

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On January 16, the Atlanta Progressive News (APN) used one sentence to explain a Democrat-proposed ban that will require owners to hand over “assault weapons” by the end of October 2016 and in the very next sentence mocked pro-gun citizens who “are already yelling that Democrats are trying to take their guns away.”

In other words–Sentence 1: New Democrat-proposed bill means your “assault weapons” will be taken away. Sentence 2: Pro-gun people are already trying to malign the law by claiming Democrats want to “take their guns.”

Here are APN’s exact words:

This bill will require people who possess assault weapons to render the weapon inoperable or turn it into the Georgia Bureau of Investigation by the end of October 2016. Pro-gun folks are already yelling that Democrats are trying to take their guns away.

On Janaury 13 Breitbart News reported that the text of the proposed “assault weapons” ban–put forth by Mary Margaret Oliver (D-83rd) and other Democrats–actually “[designates] certain weaponry and ammunition as contraband and [requires] seizure of such by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.” So the “assault weapons” ban is actually an “assault weapons” confiscation bill.

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