Rick Santorum Blasts USA Today, ‘We’re Fighting Back!’

Santorum APJ. Scott Applewhite
AP/J. Scott Applewhite
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, the  winner of the 2012 Iowa caucus, blasted the media because of a USA Today article that suggested he was thinking about exiting the 2016 race.

Santorum said that from the start of the campaign “[the media] decided that we’re not worthy of them.”

“I need to get this off my chest. I can’t stand the media,” Santorum posted on Facebook.”From the start of this campaign, they’ve decided that we’re not worthy of them. They think it’s their job to anoint who they think should be the Republican nominee. Seriously? The media determining the Republican nominee? Give me a break!”

“We’ve pushed on and fought tooth and nail for coverage, but yesterday USA Today put the final straw on this camel’s back,” he charged.

Santorum’s statement comes after USA Today suggested that Santorum is thinking about exiting the 2016 race, a report that the Santorum campaign denies.

Santorum continued, “enough is enough, “We’re fighting back!”

“They want to FORCE US from the race,” he said about the media, “but that’s the last thing that will happen because next Monday night at the Iowa Caucus we’re going to FORCE THEM to cover us. We’re going to FORCE THEM to follow us to event after event after event all across America.”

Santorum added:

Why? Because we’re going to blow their expectations out of the water.
You read that right. We’re going to shock the world again on February 1st. And USA Today and their buddies in the mainstream media won’t know what to do.
But I need your help to do this.
We have recruited hundreds of Caucus leaders. Our team on the ground has knocked on thousands of doors and we’ve made tens of thousands of phone calls. But we need to get over the finish line.

Santorum said the mainstream media wants “to hand this election to Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders. They like socialism because it might prop up their failing media companies. I say no!”

“Join the fight with us today and lets take back America,” Santorum concludes in his Facebook post. “Game on.”