Marco Rubio: Ted Cruz ‘Feeling The Pressure’ Against Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., speaks during a campaign event at American Legion Post 34, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. (
AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Sen. Marco Rubio hints that his Senate colleague and fellow presidential candidate Ted Cruz is “feeling the pressure” after his broadside political battle with Donald Trump.

“Ted is obviously feeling the pressure, falling in the polls and losing to Donald,” Rubio said, while speaking to reporters who attended a rally in Marshalltown, Iowa today.

Rubio was referring to Cruz’s polling numbers, suggesting that as people learned more about the Texas Senator’s record, he was losing support.

The latest Fox News poll of Iowa shows Rubio in third place – a full eleven points below Ted Cruz who is in second at 23 percent. Trump is currently dominant with 34 percent.

Rubio has four campaign events in Iowa scheduled just for today, after he was introduced on Monday by Iowa Senator Joni Ernst. At an earlier event, Rubio made his case that he would unite the Republican party.

“Right now we’re having a big debate in this party. We can’t win if we are fighting with each other,” he said. “Who gives us the best chance of bringing this party together, I know I do.”

He also argued that he was the most conservative candidate in the race.

“Of all the candidates running, no one has a conservative record that’s more conservative than mine – look it up,” he said, citing his voting scores from various conservative organizations. “I am as or more conservative than every other candidate running for president. Period.”

He thanked Iowa voters for coming to his event, and urged them to caucus for him.

“It’s been an incredible honor to be a candidate for president,” he said and joked. “If nothing else I’ve learned to walk on ice.”