Chris Christie: ‘Why Would I Rally Around Rubio?’

Christie (L) and Rubio
AP Photos

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appears to have little regard for Sen. Marco Rubio, who currently leads the polls among establishment Republican candidates running for president.

During an interview with Boston Herald radio, Christie was asked about critics who thought that the Republican party should rally around a more “mainstream” candidate like Rubio to defeat Donald Trump.

“Why would I rally around Rubio, a 44-year-old first-term senator who has never accomplished anything?” the governor asked, pointing out that Rubio had never run anything or made tough decisions, just like President Obama, who was also a first term senator.

Christie appeared baffled that the Republican party was considering another inexperienced Senator to run for president.

“The only thing he has ever done in the United States Senate is write an amnesty bill with Chuck Schumer,” Christie said about Rubio. “And then as soon as the heat got high he ran away and he hid. And now claims he had nothing to do with it. Why would I rally behind Marco Rubio before any voters vote?”

Christie hinted that he preferred a governor in the Oval Office, even if it was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush or Ohio Governor John Kasich.

“I have great respect for Governor Bush and Governor Kasich. I consider both of them friends of mine,” he said. “I think they were both very good governors, I just think I’m a better one.“