Washington D.C. Collects over $1 Million in Parking Tickets from Snow

Cars Parked in Snow The Roanoke Times via AP
Roanoke Times via AP

Washington D.C. may be hard up for money, so they’re grateful for the blizzard that struck the city. Since last Friday, according to NBC Washington, the district has issued $1,078,000 worth of parking tickets and $65,600 in fines.

WTOP reported that in fiscal year 2014, D.C. lost more than $55 million in unpaid tickets,

656 cars have been towed.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said the snow emergency will be lifted at 6:30 on Wednesday; until that time cars will still be towed. During a snow emergency, vehicles parked on snow emergency routes are towed, and taxicabs are allowed to add a flat fee of $15 to whatever the meter charges.

Parking tickets can run $250, with additional $100 tow charges and a $25-per-day fee until the car is retrieved by its owner.

Although the city demands that cars be parked within 12 inches from a curb, numerous drivers said their cars were stuck and they couldn’t move them.