RNC Chief Strategist: Anything But a Resounding Win for Hillary in Iowa Is a Loss

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DES MOINES, IOWA– “Anything but a resounding win” in Iowa will a loss for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says a memo from Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee’s chief strategist and communications director.

In a memo released by the RNC, Spicer writes that Bernie Sander’s rise is making Clinton increasingly vulnerable.

“Clinton is fighting to hang on against a 74-year-old gadfly socialist from Vermont who has managed to keep pace with her fundraising prowess with an army of small donors,” Spicer writes.

“Given that Clinton is behind double digits in New Hampshire and there are growing signs of weakness in her so-called ‘southern firewall,’ it’s clear anything but a resounding win in Iowa will be a loss for her campaign.”

“When you add it all up, Hillary Clinton can’t afford to limp across the finish line in Philadelphia,” he says, “especially not when Republicans are so well-prepared and her poll numbers are in such bad shape.”

Mike Flynn of Breitbart News has reported on Clinton’s vulnerability in Iowa and other early states where she has seen dips in her support. Flynn writes:

Hillary’s position today is far more tenuous than it was in 2008, though. She is very likely to lose the two opening contests, rather than achieve a split-decision. Although some recent polling shows her with a slim lead in Iowa, polling also had her with a slim lead ahead of the caucus in 2008. Polling is notoriously difficult for the Iowa Caucus.

Prior to her loss in Iowa, Clinton held a strong lead in all the other early voting states, including New Hampshire. Sanders already has a large polling advantage in New Hampshire. A victory in Iowa, or even a very close second place finish, will likely even expand his lead.

Flynn argues that Clinton’s standing is worse today than it was when she ran in 2008.