Union Leader: Trump a ‘Spoiled Rich-Kid, School Yard Bully ….Slick , Oily’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016, in Las Vegas. (
AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

From Joseph W. McQuaid in the Union Leader:

Donald Trump isn’t right about much, but he is right about this: Nothing he says or does will bother his most committed followers. But if they thought about it, they might realize that Trump is insulting them just as he insults everyone else.
“Look at these yokels,” Trump is laughing. “They are so stupid, they will believe anything I tell them.”

Funny thing about these folks. They say they like Trump because he is a “straight-talker,” but he is not. Just one example, Trump praised Sen. Ted Cruz as a great man. Until Cruz caught him in the Iowa polls. Suddenly, Cruz is a no-good, nasty, lying jerk who must be taken out.

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