Chris Christie: Marco Rubio ‘Acts as If He’s Deaf’

AP Photo/Chuck Burton
AP Photo/Chuck Burton

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attacked Sen. Marco Rubio Friday morning, asserting that the Florida senator was ignoring his record in hopes that voters would forget his controversial immigration reform effort.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Christie pointed out the two highlight videos played on Fox News–making the case that each senator had changed his position on immigration.

“Senator Rubio seems to just not want to answer. He acts as if he’s deaf,” Christie said. He accused Rubio of repeating the same prepared answers from his staff, instead of answering the question.

Christie said that is why he interrupted the back and forth, calling for a “Washington to English dictionary” to help viewers at home understand what they were trying to sell. He singled out Rubio for his tactical approach to immigration.

“Senator Rubio did not tell the truth last night on that stage. It’s that simple,” Christie said. “He thinks he’s so smooth about it and people won’t notice because he doesn’t answer the question. But people understand that, and they get it, and over the course of time, we’ll make sure they get it about Senator Rubio.”

He argued that he was comfortable telling voters why he changed his position on illegal immigration, but raised questions about Cruz and Rubio’s position changes.

“Unlike Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio last night, I actually agree with myself,” he said on Fox & Friends Friday morning. “I don’t disagree with myself.”