Bloomberg’s Joshua Green: Donald Trump ‘Kicking Ass’ In Iowa

Donald Trump
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Donald Trump is again the frontrunner heading into the Iowa caucus, according to the final poll for the Des Moines Register.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Bloomberg News reporter Joshua Green discussed Trump’s comeback and what it meant for the Iowa caucuses tomorrow.

“The story of that poll is that Trump is just kicking ass all across the state of Iowa,” he said, pointing out that although Cruz was leading the poll by ten points at one point, Trump fought his way back to a five point lead.

Green said that Trump’s birther attacks against Cruz were working with Iowa voters as well his criticism of Cruz’s undisclosed loan from Goldman Sachs.

It wasn’t just Trump’s attacks that hurt Cruz in the run up to the caucus, Green explained, but attacks from the Washington political establishment.

“Cruz has just been bloodied and slaughtered – he was the sterling image guy 30 days ago,” Green said.

Cruz once had 76 percent favorables in the state – but has fallen significantly, falling about 12 points since Trump launched his attacks.

“They’re just punching each other in the nose — all day, every day,” he said.