Sarah Palin: Steve King Suffers ‘Potomac Fever’ Suggesting Donald Trump Pays for Support

AP Photo/Brandi Simons
AP Photo/Brandi Simons
Washington, DC

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, told supporters at his campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Monday that “you find out who your friends are” in politics.

Palin went on to criticize Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), for alleging that she was paid to support Trump.

“Steve King – friend of mine – I thought,” Palin began. “Here I see that just a bit ago he is accusing me on MSNBC – first, MSNBC really? – of selling my support to Mr. Trump. This is why when you read things like this, people don’t really like politics.”

“He knows it isn’t true,” she said of King, adding, “That just doesn’t sound like the heartland of America,” referencing where King is from in Iowa.

She suggested he spent too much time in Washington, D.C., and has “Potomac fever.”

“His accusations here are way off base,” Palin charged. “Listen up, Steve King. … Mr. Trump did make me a promise, and I will be better off when it is fulfilled. … That is why I am here today. I’m collecting on the promise. Mr. Trump promised me he will make America great again!”