Report: Vampire-Like Biting Attacks by Females Are on the Rise in New Zealand

AP Photo/David Goldman
AP Photo/David Goldman

Authorities are reporting a series of vampire-like attacks perpetrated by women on New Zealand’s North Island.

In one incident, a woman at a bar bit a man on the neck so hard that an artery was nicked, causing heavy blood loss, and another a woman is accused of biting part of a woman’s ear during an argument.

According to, police were called to a fight involving three women in a supermarket parking lot.

The cause of the argument wasn’t reported, but at least one woman bit another women’s ear so deeply during the fight that the wound required medical attention.

Two women were arrested for the incident.

In a second incident, a woman was arrested for sinking her teeth into a man’s neck at Napier’s bar.

Police reported that the woman intervened in a fight between the man and her brother. Things got physical, and the woman attacked the man by biting him in the neck.

“She obviously got the right spot,” police said, because the man had started spurting blood profusely from the wound.

The bouncer in the bar, though, was not so sure the wound was caused by the woman biting the man.

The owner of the bar noted that the three involved in the argument were not locals.

“It’s a very nice area,” bar owner Chris Sullivan said. “We’re a restaurant, we do have a dance floor on a Saturday night, but we have nice people… people having a great time. But a couple that night clearly didn’t.”

Regardless of the cause of the argument, the woman was arrested for attacking and injuring the man.

This isn’t the only biting incident at Napier’s. also reported there was another biting attack at the bar last week.

Police, however, said the mounting number of biting incidents isn’t a coincidence.

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