Newt Gingrich: We’ve Already Lived Through A Revolution In 2016

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 27, 2015: Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA)
Alex Wong/Getty Images
washington, DC

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was on Breitbart News Daily today with host Stephen K. Bannon and pointed out that the 2016 Republican primary seems less about right versus Left and more about insurgency versus the status quo.

“I think we’ve already lived through a revolution. When Marco Rubio, who was the Tea Party insurgent taking on the establishment former Governor (Crist) ends up as the guy who is closest to the center…. In 2010, you would have said rubio would be the insurgent. And he’s a terrific guy. But now you have, … I don’t think it’s right or Left, you have to use more ‘insurgency’ if you will, if you had sort of an insurgent chart. And you’d have to say you have a really interesting argument, is Trump, who is a real total outsider more the insurgent, but he’s not as conservative ideologically; or is Cruz, who is a militantly Conservative outsider the more insurgent outsider?” said Gingrich.

“You’d probably have to say Jeb Bush is probably the least insurgent and maybe Chris Christie is the second least insurgent,” he added. It’s more about “Who’s likely to break up the game in Washington and who’s likely to present a profound challenge to the traditional order,” Gingrich stressed.

Comparing government to the now technology empowered private sector, Gingrich said:

I think we’re in the early stages of our politics catching up with all the things  that are happening around us. Let me  give you a single example. Amazon has become this enormous machine that is based on the principle, you can go online, you can pick one out of well over  a million items. You can designate  it and they deliver it, in some places, that day, or they deliver it he next day. And they actually find everything you are trying to buy. The defense logistics agency can’t tell you where all the tanks are.

Gingrich made the point that, as it stands, government is obsolete and the type of insurgency we are seeing in 2016 may be the key to reforming it.

The entire Breitbart News daily interview can be heard below: