Poll: Bernie Sanders More Electable Than Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton
The Associated Press

Quinnipiac released a poll Friday morning that destroys one of Hillary Clinton’s primary arguments against Bernie Sanders: Electability. In a head-to-head match-up against the GOP’s current top three (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio), the Quinnipiac data shows that the Vermont Socialist has a much better chance than the Benghzi Bungler of winning the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton beats Trump 46% to 41%.

Bernie Sanders crushes Trump 49% to 39%.

Clinton ties with Cruz at 45%.

Sanders beats Cruz 46% to 42%.

Clinton loses to Rubio 41% to 48%.

Sanders ties Rubio up at 43%.

The momentum behind Sanders is real. He overcame a 40 point deficit in Iowa to statistically tie that race. Quinnipiac’s national poll of Democrats, also released Friday, shows a tie between the two. Six weeks ago, in this same poll, Clinton was up +31% nationally.


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