Chris Christie Talks Donald Trump with Rachel Maddow: I Never Called Mexicans Rapists and Murderers

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks to fellow Republicans, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013 during the Republican National Committee summer meeting in Boston. Republican officials are looking to promote a fresh group of diverse rising stars to help resolve their election woes, while frustrated party elders insist that all Republicans must …
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On the campaign trail in New Hampshire, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ran into MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who questioned him about his campaign style in the state.

Maddow asked Christie during the interview about his aggressive New Jersey style, which she suggested wouldn’t play well across the country with voters.

Christie argued that pundits had always put too much stock in that theory, pointing out that Trump’s aggressive style was winning across the country. He said:

Whatever you want to say and have said about me over the years in terms of things that come out of my mouth, they’re a fraction — I never said that I could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and I wouldn’t lose a voter, I never called Mexicans rapists and murderers, I never said ban all Muslims from the United States. This is a guy who, if you believe the polls, is ahead in the polls not only in New Hampshire, but he’s ahead much more nationally.

Christie said he was never worried about his campaigning style in certain regions but admitted that some areas didn’t agree with him on a philosophical basis. He said that some conservatives were skeptical of a northeastern Republican as not being a “real conservative.”

When asked if Trump suffered from the same problem, Christie demurred.

“Whatever Trump’s problems are, they’re Trump’s problems,” he said, pointing out that Trump already had a public persona before he ran for president. “I don’t think they apply in the same way to the rest of us who are involved in politics.”