Chris Christie Gloats: Establishment Push To Crown Marco Rubio, ‘That’s Over’

CHristie Tapper

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie celebrated his debate performance this morning, suggesting that Marco Rubio’s “coronation” was put on hold by his bad performance at the ABC News debate Saturday night.

“I think the whole race changed last night,” Christie said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union. “Because you know there was a march amongst some of the chattering class to anoint Senator Rubio.”

“I think after last night, that’s over,” he said.

Rubio was widely panned by pundits for repeating the same scripted talking-point four times in the debate, while he was trying to explain how he was qualified to be president.

He argued that Rubio was not ready to face Hillary Clinton, citing the debate as proof. “We need someone who’s been tested and ready to go against Hillary Clinton … she’s an experienced Washington insider, and you better have somebody on there that can take her on,” Christie said. “Senator Rubio proved last night he can’t do that. Now let’s go to the next phase and I’m ready to go.”

When asked how well Christie expected to do in New Hampshire, he suggested that anything could happen now that he had shaken up the race. “I think there could be four or five tickets now out of New Hampshire,” he said. “Because the race is so unsettled now.”