Gun Control Group Asks Every Business in Newtown to Become Gun-Free Zone

Cory Doctorow/Flickr
Cory Doctorow/Flickr
Newtown, CT

On February 3, the gun control group Newtown Action Alliance is asking every business in Newtown, Connecticut, to become a gun-free zone.

In other words, they want every business to enact the same kind of gun-free policies modeled by Sandy Hook Elementary, Umpqua Community College, the DC Navy Yard, and the Aurora movie theater which James Holmes targeted in July 2012.

According to the Harford Courant, Newtown Action Alliance’s new gun ban campaign is the result of one customer spotting another customer openly carrying a handgun in a Caraluzzi’s Market on January 6th. Newtown Action Alliance responded to the sighting by “releasing a letter to businesses in town … asking them to adopt a ban on firearms.”

The letter says, “We strongly recommend that all business owners in Newtown join our movement to create a safer and less intimidating environment for our children and families by banning all guns in their establishments.”

Although openly carrying a handgun in Connecticut is legal if you have a concealed carry permit, Newtown Action Alliance chair Po Murray said, “We believe that no one needs to carry guns while they’re shopping for bread and milk.” Murray’s statement does not square with reality, as criminals entering stores to carry out a robbery — or worse — are free to do whatever they wish if law-abiding shoppers are disarmed.

In a real sense, an average trip to the grocery store, the movie theater, or the classroom is just that — an average trip — until it’s not. And Breitbart News has covered myriad examples where average trips turned in harrowing experiences after criminals sought soft, unarmed targets to carry out their heinous intentions. Without the benefit of an armed citizen, or armed citizens, a trip inside for milk, a movie ticket, or a math lesson can end in deadly fashion.

When Adam Lanza descended upon Sandy Hook Elementary with evil in his heart, the school’s gun-free policy translated into over nine minutes without armed resistance to his machinations. The results were stomach churning. Creating more gun-free zones only expands the number of places evil men can strike without fear of retribution.

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