Politico: How Hillary Clinton Plans to Stop Sanders’ Momentum

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton
AP Photo/David Goldman

Politico’s Annie Karni reports on Hillary Clinton’s strategy to win the Democratic presidential primary against rival Bernie Sanders–investing heavily in ground game organization in the Senator’s home state of Vermont.

From Politico:

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Hillary Clinton’s win here eight years ago turned out to have little lasting impact — in part because she quickly dropped a string of caucus states to Barack Obama that eventually doomed her resurgent campaign.

Her Brooklyn-based brain trust is now quietly taking steps to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself in the wake of her Iowa caucus win — by investing heavily in caucus states like Idaho, Maine, Colorado and Minnesota to keep Bernie Sanders from quickly converting his popularity with young voters into a succession of easy victories that puts her in an unrecoverable hole.

With Sanders on the brink of a big win here in New Hampshire, Brooklyn is even investing in the senator’s home state of Vermont — in a bid to steal delegates from a primary held in Sanders’ backyard.

The campaign has made a strategic decision to spend big on organizers — new hires and staffers who helped her eke out a win in Iowa with a strong ground game — in the caucus states, according to people briefed on the campaign’s strategic blueprint.

“We are going on offense in the states that the Sanders campaign thinks will make for the friendliest terrain for them,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told POLITICO, the first time he’s publicly discussed the strategy. Mook refused to provide specific details on staff and cash allocations.

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