Chris Christie: Marco Rubio ‘Proved He Was Not Ready’ for Presidency

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked: Who is more ready to be president? Donald Trump or Sen. Marco Rubio?

“It’s a close call,” Christie replied on Fox And Friends. The interview took place in New Hampshire on the day of the state’s presidential primary.

He pointed out that Rubio was unprepared to take on Hillary Clinton, as proved by the ABC News debate on Saturday.

“There’s nothing Hillary Clinton can throw at me I won’t be ready for,” he said. “I threw something at Senator Rubio and he proved he was not ready.”

Christie added that Rubio co-sponsored the Gang Of Eight amnesty bill “with his arm around Chuck Schumer,” a notorious liberal Democrat senator.

“Marco needs to go get some experience and when he does maybe he can run for president again but he’s not ready for president and that little show tells you exactly it,” he said.

When asked about Donald Trump, Christie turned down the opportunity to attack him, pointing out that he was friends with the controversial billionaire and they have a lot in common.

“Donald and I have a lot in common and we have been friends for 13 years,” he said. “I would just be a better president than he would.”