The ‘Flag Man’: Donald Trump a ‘Prototype’ Telling ‘Neglected Truths’

Flag Man
Breitbart News/Alex Swoyer
Manchester, NH

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Bill Shields, who is nicknamed “The Flag Man,”  decided to start making a new model of flags, the Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” flag.

“Donald Trump is a prototype,” Shields, a flag maker from Connecticut, said of Trump. “The man is a human being, but he represents a lot more than being a human being, as far as regular Americans [being] fed up and sold out.”

“We’ve been neglected,” Shields said of Americans — in particular, Trump supporters.

“We’ve been kicked to the side. Finally, we hear the ring of truth in one man, and that man is Donald Trump,” he stated.

I really wasn’t a big fan of Donald Trump until I saw him on the escalator and I heard what he was saying about what was happening in this country, neglected truths that have been going on for decades, and I said, ‘This man is the man that we need.’

“I went into the flag business in 1992,” he told Breitbart News, as he was selling Trump flags in the parking lot of Trump’s New Hampshire Primary Party on Tuesday night in Manchester. “I’ve been into it for awhile.”

Shields told Breitbart this is the first time he’s actually been to a Trump event selling the flags, and if he has enough interest, he wants to set up an online website for supporters.