TV Ad in South Carolina: ‘Bring Americans Victimized by Immigration Out of the Shadows’

FAIR immigration AD

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has launched a six-figure TV advertising campaign in South Carolina, in advance of the state’s upcoming presidential primary.

The anti-illegal immigration group’s TV ad argues that the cliché call to “bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows” should be applied to Americans who have been hurt by illegal immigrants.

“For years, Americans have been told that we need to bring illegal aliens out of the shadows. Here’s a better idea. Bring Americans victimized by immigration out of the shadows,” Dan Stein, the president of FAIR, says in the ad.

The television commercial was launched Tuesday and will play in all the major markets in South Carolina “hundreds of times” over the coming two weeks, according to FAIR.

“Here’s a better idea,” Stein continues in the ad. “Bring Americans out of the shadows. The millions who lost jobs to foreign workers, the victims of crime thanks to broken borders, American kids whose places in college were taken by illegal aliens. It’s time for Americans to come out of the shadows and speak up.”

The ad will air in South Carolina as the presidential candidates make their play for the state’s delegates. The Republican presidential primary in the Palmetto State is February 20 and February 27 for the Democratic presidential primary.

“Immigration is a critical issue in the 2016 campaign for a reason: Voters do not feel that their interests are being served by our immigration policies, or that the political establishment even cares about their concerns. The issues raised in these ads can no longer be ignored,” Stein added in a statement.