Dr. Ben Carson Insists: ‘I Can Win;’ ‘I’m Going to Light The Fuse’

Republican presidential candidate retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson gestures as he speaks during the Republican Presidential Debate, hosted by CNN, at The Venetian Las Vegas on December 15, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AFP PHOTO/ ROBYN BECK / AFP / ROBYN BECK (Photo credit should read
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Washington, DC

“Absolutely, think there’s no question about that … I can win,” said retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson today on Breitbart News Daily to host Stephen K. Bannon when asked if he thinks he’s still a viable choice to win the Republican nomination  and then defeat the Democrat in the Fall.

“There’s only been two contests so far, you know, that’s like calling a baseball game after the second inning. That doesn’t make any sense,” he added.

Carson said he thought going forward people would begin to look over the candidates and their policies “more carefully and that’s when I’m going to excel. When people start going to Ben Carson dot com, looking at our politics and recognizing that they are superior…. Carson cited his tax plan and plan for fighting ISIS as examples which have been praised by various media outlets and individuals.

Carson said he anticipated being in front of a large number of audiences in South Carolina and that that’s where he has had the most success convincing people that he is not as media has portrayed him and a vote for him is not a wasted vote. He believes that the media is painting him as someone who can’t win.

When asked that the perception among some that he has been “pushed around” by other candidates leaves the impression of someone not ready for the White House, said Carson:

What people have to recognize is that strength is not determined by the loudness of which you say something, or how you stomp your feet. It is determined by your accomplishments. People need to go back and look at my life. They need to understand that, you know, the reason that thee reason I developed the reputation that I have in surgery is because I was always on the edge. I was pushing the envelope. There was a lot of controversy around what I did, people were even complaining to the American Medical Association.

Carson then went on to point out that many of the things he was advocating have since become common practice.

You can hear the entire Breitbart News daily interview with Dr. Ben Carson below: