Donald Trump Hits Back At Club For Growth Via Twitter

Washington, DC

The Washington Post featured a story today on the Club for Growth (CFG) launching a new attack in South Carolina on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Reports indicate it is putting $1.5 million behind a negative ad to air in the state.

In the new spot, Club for Growth Action assembles a portrait of Trump from catch phrases — “largest tax hike in history,” “eminent domain for personal gain,” “giving money to the Clintons.” After a narrator reads those phrases out loud, he declares that there is “nothing conservative” about Trump. And scene.

It didn’t take long for Trump, now notorious for taking to Twitter to let his thoughts be known, to hit back at CFG.

For now, his push back is limited to the two Tweets embedded here.

Trump’s Twitter slaps at CFG have each been re-Tweeted about 500 times and received over 1,000 likes.