Hillary Clinton Brags That A ‘Socialist Feminist’ Is Supporting Her

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Hillary Clinton brags that she has the support of at least one “socialist feminist” who switched over to Clinton after supporting Bernie Sanders.

Clinton, who is desperately fighting off the Sanders Surge after the Vermont socialist’s win in the New Hampshire primary, tweeted a link to an essay on the far-left “Daily Kos” website:

The socialist feminist in question, Daily Kos blogger jhannon, wrote that she first supported Sanders but decided that his proposed political revolution was too unrealistic, and that Clinton at least calls Republicans her “enemy.”

“Bernie is talking about a political revolution in ways that make no sense to me. The American system dampens the possibility of radical change through the ballot box,” jhannon wrote.

There is no third party/proportional representation. I can’t imagine him leading as much as a change in the majority party in the House and there is no way any of his more dramatic proposals have any chance of passing given the composition of Congress–which is very unlikely to change radically in the near/medium future. Hope and Change struck me as utopian vagueness in 2008 and Bernie is doubling down.

We can argue about labels but Clinton is a liberal with a liberal voting record. Is she too hawkish? I think so. I think she is too pro-Israel. But I don’t think she’s reckless. She had positions and rhetoric on criminal justice twenty years ago that I didn’t like but I think she has learned and grown as progressive people do.

And unlike Obama, whom I respect greatly, she would not make the mistake of thinking her personal charisma will create a kumbaya wave in Washington. She knows the Republicans well enough to call them “my enemy.” She will go after them rather than try to convert them.

I believe there is no true socialism without feminism and no true feminism without socialism. I have worked in various ways to further both causes. As a citizen of the country I have a more particular responsibility to vote for the person I think is best qualified at this particular moment for what can well be considered the most important position in the world. I have decided that is Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s attempt to tie herself to the socialist feminist left comes in the wake of her staggering New Hampshire loss, which nevertheless netted her the same number of New Hampshire delegates as Sanders due to the fact that she picked up six superdelegates without earning them through voting.

Clinton delivered a bitter concession speech after her loss, ranting that she wants to fight for women, the “LGBT” community, workers, African-Americans, and immigrants. But Clinton also conceded that she has a lot of work to do to win over young people, who overwhelmingly favor Sanders in the race.