Ann Coulter Takes on Justice Scalia’s Shocking Death, Hillary’s Lies, Sanders’ Wackos on Breitbart News Sunday

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Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter appeared on Brietbart News Sunday with host Alex Marlow this weekend regaling the audience with her take on the shocking death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Constitution and our democracy, Donald Trump, Hillary’s Clinton’s decades of scandals, and Bernie Sanders’ wacko supporters.

Marlow, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, began his February 14 segment on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 with the best-selling author by asking what exactly the nation lost with the sudden and unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice and conservative giant Antonin Scalia.

Coulter pointed out that Scalia is one of the few recent Justices who it can be said had a “coherent judicial philosophy.” But she added that one of the reasons he was so influential was because he was a brilliant, interesting and funny writer.

“We as lawyers,” Coulter said, “would print out copies of [Scalia’s decisions] and… we’d… be reading aloud from Scalia dissents because they were so hilariously funny. And that has a lot to do with his influence. As I’ve always said, you’re not going to influence anyone if they’re not reading what you wrote.”

Coulter imagined that at some point Scalia realized he wasn’t swaying his colleagues on the bench, so he just “cut loose.”

“I suppose he figured, ‘Well. I didn’t sway my colleagues and I’ve been sucking up to Justice Day O’Connor for ten years on abortion and I still lost her, so screw it I’m just cutting loose, now, and saying what I think of the logic here.’ Because of that I think he made it very clear what a coherent legal philosophy is,” she said.

Coulter said it was a testament to Scalia that so many of the articles reviewing his career were quick to point out his judicial philosophy benefitted conservatism.

“They’ll say that ‘Scalia’s judicial philosophy is called originalism which often benefits conservative viewpoints in the political process.’ Well, it’s not an accident that it benefits conservatives,” she said, “because what it is, is not making stuff up. It means going by the Constitution because if you’re not reading the Constitution, if you’re not interpreting the Constitution, well, then why you guys rather than any nine other people?”

“If we just want philosopher kings we can probably do better than [justices] Elena Kagan, Justice Souter,” Coulter jabbed.

But what it really means to be an originalist, Coulter insisted, is that conservatives and Republicans would rather leave the issues for the people to vote on, not to un-elected, unaccountable judges.

But the left, Coulter said, wants to prevent us all from voting on anything. “Liberals can’t get their ideas through, they can’t get people to join them in their ideas for total Marxist take over of the country,” she continued.

The “Adios, America” author reminded listeners that the gay marriage issue was constantly losing when Americans were allowed to vote, but now we have universal gay-marriage across the nation because judges took away the right of the people to vote on the issue. “They are losing with democracy,” Coulter concluded, “so they just go up to the Supreme Court and say ‘could you please hallucinate a right to gay marriage in the Constitution.'”

Coulter was also infuriated with Republicans who keep dealing from a position of weakness even when they hold all the cards and she noted that John Roberts became Chief Justice for that very reason.

“We had a majority in the Senate,” Coulter noted, “why are we nominating … the stealth candidate … actually I don’t think Republicans should ever [do that] because… whenever you see originalism benefits conservatives that is because originalism means democracy and liberals don’t like democracy. Just always understand that when they say ‘originalism benefits conservatives’ that’s because you get to vote, Americans, and liberals don’t want you to be able to vote.”

“That’s what’s so frustrating on these decisions,” she insisted, “what ever you think about gay marriage, what ever you think about abortion, it’s not in the Constitution, therefore [the voters] are supposed to decide it. If these liberal ideas were popular, on abortion for example, they could just put it to a vote. But they’re terrified of having a vote, they know they would lose. So, if you put up Supreme Court nominees whose position is ‘No, we’re going to let you vote, Americans,’ I don’t know how Republicans lose on that?”

Coulter was sure, though, that Scalia’s death came at a time when the GOP won’t likely get away with caving in to Obama’s pressure to put an extremist liberal on the court and that is because Donald Trump won’t let them.

“Now, I do think if this had happened a year ago… we’ve seen how Republicans would behave,” she said. “They’re utterly craven… the Senate Republicans would confirm whomever Obama sent up. They’d wring their hands, Lindsey Graham would be leading the charge talking about how ‘Oh, well, it’s the President’s right to decide,'” Coulter mocked. “Now that Donald Trump has come on the scene, I think Washington Republicans may be starting to get the message that we’re really ticked off at them. And, look, if they let some somebody go through — I mean, I think Trump is going to win anyway — but it’s just going to get him another ten million votes.”

The author then went on to laugh at how Hillary Clinton is trying to “out-left-wing Bernie Sanders on the ‘black lives matter’ crap.”

“I believe Donald Trump is the only Republican who does not wet his pants when presented with a question about black lives matter. I believe he’s the only Republican who will just say straight out, ‘I support the cops,'” she said.

“No waffling, no ‘Oh, there are bad apples.’ Screw Republicans who say that, there are bad apples in every place… why do we have to start with that when it comes to the people who are keeping us safe?” she asked.

“And I’m telling you a majority of blacks will prefer Donald Trump for that. They know they’re more at risk from being murdered, or mugged, or raped by black teenagers than they are by some white cop.”

So, with Hillary and Sanders going out on a far-left limb, it will surely make Trump even more popular, Coulter said emphatically.

Coulter ended her segment by lambasting Hillary Clinton as a “stupid” person. All these claims she is the smartest woman on the planet don’t ring true when looking at her constant scandals and corruption not to mention how incompetent her campaign is looking these days.

“Well one point I do want to claim authorship of, when… the email scandal and the private server story first broke, I believe I was the first — and I don’t think it’s caught on sufficiently yet — who pointed out we’ve been wrong about Hillary all these years, she’s just really dumb,” Coulter joked.

“Bill Clinton, you know, he was a horn dog, but he wasn’t stupid,” Coulter averred. “Hillary, I mean she’s not Betty Boop from turnip range, she’s been through this before, she’s been through it with Vince Foster and his record, she’s been through it with the Whitewater records, she’s been through this over, and over, and over again. And she becomes Secretary of State and thinks to herself, ‘I know, I’ll keep my emails on a private server, that won’t raise any eyebrows, will it?’ It’s just stupid. Apart from any nefariousness.”

Coulter pointed out that Hillary has clearly been unable to convince the Democrats she is the best candidate. But the conservative author warned that if the Democrat Party tries to steal it all for Hillary there might be hell to pay.

“Everybody’s talking about Joe Biden or John Kerry coming in and you never know with the Democrats, they will violate every rule in the book to win an election see e.g. Bob Torricelli in New Jersey. But I don’t see how they do that without engendering a lot of bitter feeling with the Hillary supporters and the Sanders wackos, so, yeah, I think they’re in quite a pickle.,” she said,.

In the end, for Coulter the fact that we have Donald Trump is our saving grace.

“I’m just happy that we’re going to have Trump to take advantage of it because, I mean, it really wouldn’t matter what’s happening to the Democrats if we were running that lying weasel Marco Rubio.”

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