Donald Trump Campaign Manager: Only One ‘Proven Leader’ In the Race

Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in the 'Spin Room' following the Republican Presidential debate on February 13, 2016 in Greenville, South Carolina. This evenings debate featured a lively exchange between Trump and fellow candidates Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.The six remaining candidates will spend the week campaigning before Saturdays primary. …
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joined Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon, and said Trump can win the general election by bringing in new voters to the Republican Party.

“There’s only one candidate in this race that’s a proven leader,” Lewandowski said to Bannon, saying Trump is the one candidate that can win the nomination and go on to win the general election with new voters. “Those are the blue collar voters that the Republican Party has pushed aside for the last 20 years.”

“You have a guy like Donald Trump who is bringing new people into the party,” he added, saying those people are disenfranchised and haven’t voted before. “Those people aren’t turning out to support…career politicians,” such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Ohio Gov. John Kasich or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“What we see is in every public poll the Bush message is one that people don’t want,” Lewandowski said, calling it “a failing message.”

Lewandowski commented on the debate last Saturday where the audience booed Trump and Cruz several times. “Donald Trump wins a debate by coming out and refusing to back down,” Lewandowski touted.

Trump is in South Carolina through the primary on Saturday. Lewandowski said the real estate mogul “has had great relationships with the people of South Carolina.”

During the debate on Saturday, Trump alleged that President George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and repeated his belief that the United States shouldn’t have invaded Iraq.

“The war in Iraq has been a colossal failure,” Lewandowski said, adding that America has lost billions of dollars and thousands of lives from invading Iraq. He added that in Trump’s opinion it’s “a disaster.”

“It is no better off today than we were 15 years ago,” he added, saying the Middle East has been destabilized by the invasion and from misinformation and poor communication within the government.