Donald Trump Says ‘I Love People with Courage’ After Supporters Remove Protester

Donald Trump thanks supporter
Columbia, SC

A protester interrupted GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s afternoon campaign rally in North Augusta, South Carolina, and Trump brought onto the stage two of his supporters who escorted the protester from the rally.

“I love people with courage,” Trump said as he thanked the two men.

One of the two men took the mic and declared “Do not let them intimidate you,” and he hugged Trump.

“You back this man right here to the hill. They will say anything, they will do anything to keep in power,” he told the crowd.

He added, “My man Donald Trump … you’re the best we got by far.”

The other supporter took the mic and announced, “I got two tours of Iraq. I’m a Richland County deputy.” The audience started chanting, “U-S-A, U-S-A,” in response.

“If it wasn’t for Mr. Trump right here, I don’t think any of us would have the voice that we have. This is the only man that’s going to bring America back,” the second man said. He then told Donald Trump that his department and other law enforcement departments need him.

The incident happened after a protester stuck her middle finger in the air to interrupt Trump’s rally.

“Oh, that’s class,” Trump responded. “Isn’t that terrible? See that’s what we’re all fighting for — them,” he charged.

“If I say, ‘Oh, hell,’ they say Trump used a horrible word. That person does that with their hands and fingers, they won’t report that,” Trump said about the media.