Donald Trump: Iowa GOP Doesn’t ‘Have the Guts’ to Cancel Ted Cruz’s Win

Trump Calls on Someone Matt RourkeAP
Matt Rourke/AP
Columbia, SC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said that the Iowa GOP should terminate Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) win because of the controversy between his campaign and Dr. Ben Carson during the Iowa caucuses.

“They don’t have the guts to terminate,” Trump told supporters at his campaign rally in Gaffney, South Carolina on Thursday night, referencing Cruz’s Iowa win. “They don’t have the guts.”

Trump also said he thought he had his best debate last Saturday night because all of the other candidates were attacking him. “They’re desperate,” he said. “I was being hit.”

The real estate mogul told the audience how important it is for them to get out and vote during the primary on Saturday.

“I will consider this a major loss,” Trump said. “I will have spent a lot of money” and “a lot of time,” he added, saying he wants to win the general election. “If we don’t win, I will consider it a major loss.”

“I’m not doing this to look good,” he clarified, saying he believes there’s incredible potential to make the country great again.