Ground Game: Canvassing South Carolina With Rep. Mark Meadows, Pro-Cruz Super PAC

Meadows doorbells

GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA— Breitbart News joined Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) on the campaign trail as he went door-to-door on behalf of the Ted Cruz campaign, just days before the South Carolina Republican Primary.

He was joined by members of the pro-Cruz Keep The Promise Super PAC, who gave Breitbart News insight into the organization’s sophisticated ground game in South Carolina.

Breitbart News asked Congressman Meadows what convinced him to support Ted Cruz.

“Having worked with Ted on a number of issues, most candidates don’t have the track record that Ted does on standing up to the establishment,” he explained

The North Carolina Congressman is famous on Capitol Hill as the man primarily responsible for getting former House Speaker John Boehner to resign from Congress. In July, 2015, he filed a resolution to remove Boehner as Speaker.

He said at the time that Boehner “uses the power of the office to punish Members who vote according to their conscience.”

After Meadows publicly called for Speaker Boehner to vacate his chair, Cruz texted him telling the Congressman that he had his back.

“You don’t forget the people who stood with you” when it was deeply unpopular to do so, he explained, adding that Ted Cruz was one of only a few legislators to back him when he publicly called for Boehner’s ouster.

Meadows knocked on several doors, advocating for the man he says is best equipped to be President of the United States.

“There’s a big difference between saying the right thing and doing the right thing,” Rep. Meadows told an undecided voter. “I’ve served with Ted and I can tell you. Here’s the reality: There are people who campaign like eagles, then get to DC and act like tweety birds. Ted Cruz continues to back up his talk in DC, and refuses to make unprincipled choices there.”

A staffer for Keep The Promise says that the pro-Cruz outfit has the best ground game in the state of South Carolina, having set up shop there in November, beating out every other Presidential campaign in getting to The Palmetto State. A volunteer for the Super PAC who accompanied us said he had personally knocked on 2,500 doors.

Keep The Promise volunteers are equipped with sophisticated technology – an iPhone app that provides them with extensive information on the current neighborhood, including where undecided voters may be located.

Though polling continues to indicate that Donald Trump is the frontrunner, the pro-Cruz Super PAC volunteers insist that their man has a shot.