Donald Trump: ‘Bernie’s Going to Start to Fade’

Sanders Trump AP
Washington, DC

Democratic insurgent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will fade out, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told his campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, one day after his big win in the South Carolina GOP primary.

“I have a feeling Bernie’s going to start to fade,” Trump. “He had to win yesterday,” he told his supporters, referencing the Democrat caucuses in Nevada on Saturday, when Sanders was defeated by Hillary Clinton.

“We had such an amazing victory yesterday. Incredible!” Trump said of his win in South Carolina. “We’re just going one after another.”

“Now, we’re really in it,” Trump added. “We won with women. I love the women,” Trump listed. “We won the men. I’d rather win with women to be honest.”

“We won with evangelicals,” he touted. “We won with the military.”

“I love this tweeting. It’s like owning the New York Times without the losses,” Trump changed topics, referencing a tweet he posted today calling for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to fire its pollster.

Trump posted on Twitter, “The failing @WSJ Wall Street Journal should fire both its pollster and its Editorial Board. Seldom has a paper been so wrong.Totally biased!”

Trump was referencing a WSJ poll out before the South Carolina primary that had him in second place to Cruz.

“They’re no good. I guess that’s why papers don’t do too well nowadays,” he added.