Craig Shirley: The GOP’s ‘Third Revolution’ Is The Future Of Reaganism

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves during a campaign stop, Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, in Myrtle Beach, S.C. (
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Washington, DC

New York Times bestselling author and Reagan biographer Craig Shirley discussed his Breitbart article, “The Fall of the House of Bush” with Breitbart News Daily hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Alex Marlow on Sirius XM.

Shirley says:

The (Republican) Party is going through a third revolution. It went through one in 1964, went through a second in 1980 and now we’re witnessing a third revolution and it’s returning kind of to the future of Reaganism, of Reagan Federalism especially in the twenty-first century. … a vast majority of American people just absolutely despise Washington and they view it as a corrupt city on the Potomac River and not the end all and be all of the solutions to their problems. In fact, they view it as the instigator of their problems instead of the solver of their problems.

When asked who are the true revolutionaries today, as opposed to perhaps some elected Republican politicians endorsing Marco Rubio, said Shirley, “It is Breitbart. It is NewsMax. It is websites and news organizations and politicians who have a true outsider cast. The problem with too many politicians like Nikki Haley, she doesn’t understand this, as soon as she became elected, she became part of the establishment. That’s just a given.”

He went on to point out Reagan as one of a very few politicians who were able to hold office, yet continue to be seen as an “outsider” of sorts.

Shirley characterized frontrunner Donald Trump as a threat to the establishment and said, “Any time someone is a threat to the establishment, they are going to be attacked … because the establishment likes being in power. And they like holding onto power and they like being in control.”

Shirley also echoed themes from his earlier Breitbart piece.

There is great meaning in Jeb Bush’s demise. This is not simply the loss of Carly Fiorina or Rick Santorum.

Jeb’s loss is the loss of an entire culture. It means the established order is waning, the donor class of the GOP no longer holds sway, and the power no longer resides with the party committees.

It means those writers and organizations and publications and individuals who subscribed to a New World Order and Big Government Republicanism are also in steep decline. It is yet another indications that the party is returning to the federalism of Ronald Reagan, to American conservatism. The party is going back to the future.

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