Donald Trump Hits 50% In Massachusetts Primary Poll

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

One of the dozen-plus states that votes during next week’s (March 1) Super Tuesday is Massachusetts. A new poll, some of which was taken after Jeb Bush announced he was dropping out, shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead. The increasingly-desperate Republican Establishment continues to talk about Trump having a 35% support-ceiling, but in MA, the billionaire businessman hits 50% support. His closest rival, Establishment favorite Marco Rubio, earns only 16% support:

With the GOP field narrowing after Jeb Bush’s decision Saturday to drop out of the race, Donald Trump is trouncing all his rivals in the Bay State. Trump takes 50% of the vote, giving him a better than 3-to-1 advantage over Marco Rubio (16%); a 37-point edge over John Kasich (13%); and a 5-to-1 margin over Texas Senator Ted Cruz (10%). Ben Carson, who earned 23% of the vote in an October 2015 Emerson poll, has faded to 2% in this recent survey.

The poll was taken between Friday the 19th and Sunday the 21st, which means a third of it reflect Jeb’s decision to drop out. This is worth noting because the conventional wisdom from the Establishment is that Rubio can beat Trump as people drop out, especially Establishment types like Bush.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied at 46%.  Of course, it won’t matter how well Bernie does. Hillary gets all the delegates regardless.


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