Donald Trump: ‘Desperate’ Marco Rubio, ‘Hillary Clinton Cannot Make America Great’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie arrive for a campaign stop, Tuesday, march 1, 2016, at the Signature Flight Hangar at Port-Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio. (
AP/John Minchillo
Washington, DC

GOP leader Donald Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who endorsed Trump last week, are dismissing Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) attack that Trump has small hands.

At a rally in Columbus, Ohio, the pair called Rubio “desperate,” and focused on attacking Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

“I never heard that one before,” Trump stated, correcting Rubio who said Trump was 6’2, with the real estate mogul noting he is actually 6’3. Trump joked that in the past he’s heard, “Donald, you have the most beautiful hands.”

Christie, who introduced Trump at the rally, said Clinton is the “biggest politician of all,” charging, “Hillary Clinton, here we come!”

“Hillary Clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to be president,” Trump told his supporters, who booed when he mentioned the former Secretary of State’s name. “Hillary cannot make America great.”

He also said Ohio has done well with oil and energy, adding, “Fracking is a great thing.”

“I love Ohio. I have a long history with Ohio. I worked in Ohio when I was young on a job. It was really my first successful job,” Trump told his crowd of supporters at the Signature Flight Hangar at Port-Columbus International Airport.

“It’s going to send a signal like nothing else,” he added about the potential of winning Ohio in a week from today.

Trump touted his position as an outsider and a deal maker.

“We don’t have to lie,” he said after making the allegation that politicians in Washington lie.

He also noted that it’s important to have accomplishments. “You got to do more than filibuster. You got to get people to do something,” Trump said referencing his competitor Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The billionaire said he wanted to unite the country.

“It’s divided among white and black,” divided in “so many ways,” and “we have to bring it together.” He added, “It can’t get worse than it is right now. You have African American youth 59 percent unemployment.”

“We’re going to bring this country of ours together,” he vowed. “We want to make it great for everybody.”