Minnesota a Great Unknown, But Lines Already Long

Minnesota Voters 2012 Rory O'DriscollAP

As the rest of the states on Super Tuesday begin winding dow their primary voting, Minnesota is just getting started with caucus goers first casting their votes starting at 7 PM.

But the Land of 10,000 Lakes is a bit of a mystery on what trends might be in the offing because compared to other states there has been comparatively little polling of Minnesotans.

What little polling there has been shows Hillary Clinton with a very healthy lead over self-avowed socialist and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, with Clinton leading by upwards to 30 points in a recent Star Tribune poll.

The same poll taken late in January showed Florida Senator Marco Rubio with a small lead over both Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Of interest, the Tribune poll also found that even in liberal Minnesota, Hillary Clinton was trailing Marco Rubio in a head-to-head matchup.

And it seems lines are already quite long. Reporters from Minneapolis’ CBS station are reporting long lines forming to get into the caucuses, and so are reporters from the Star Trib. A perusal of Twitter using the hashtag #MinnesotaCaucus also reveals Tweeters attesting to the growing lines.

At stake are 77 delegates for the Democrat Party and a mere 38 for the GOP.

Caucuses are open now and Minnesota will have its say.