Kellyanne Conway: Marco Rubio’s Super Tuesday Defeat Reveals His Constituency Is ‘Donors, Mainstream Media, and Punditocracy’

Rubio Silk Suit from the Heart AP

Pollster and president of the Ted Cruz-aligned “Keep The Promise” PAC Kellyanne Conway says Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had no constituency on Super Tuesday beyond wealthy donors and the chattering class.

“In Texas, Ted Cruz basically had what Marco Rubio had in South Carolina, but got a very different result,” Conway told executive chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily. “Ted Cruz had the endorsement of the current governor, the former governor, the lieutenant governor, a bunch of state legislators, and he came out of there with the lion’s share of 155 delegates allocated.”

Marco Rubio had the governor, the senator, Trey Gowdy, all the king’s horse’s and all the king’s men in South Carolina,” she said. “And he came out of South Carolina with zero delegates. So it shows that when Cruz does have some structure and support from the conservative cognoscente, in one of the states, like he did in Iowa, like he did in Texas, he wins. And he wins nicely. Rubio just can’t convert along the same way. So these endorsements and infrastructure matter if you can actually convert them.

Rubio won over the inside-the-Beltway vote in Northern Virginia, Conway added. “They’ve convinced themselves he’s the one. He’s the future of the Republican party. Marco Rubio may well be the future of the Republican Party. But apparently, the future is not happening now.”

“Ted Cruz is halfway to the number of states that you need under RNC rule 40-B to be considered as a nominee in contention at the convention. You need to have won eight states going into the RNC convention to even be considered a nominee,” she said. “This is why Rubio’s real audience are the donors, are the mainstream media, are the punditocracy.”

Rubio won just one state on Tuesday: Minnesota, leading many to dub him “Marco Mondale.” Currently, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is the only candidate with enough states to be considered the nominee, with ten victories to date.

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