Mark Levin: Nancy Reagan Was ‘An Elegant, Classy Lady’ From ‘An Era Gone’

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Author and radio host Mark Levin called into Breitbart News Daily on Monday morning to share his personal memories of the late Nancy Reagan, who he remembered fondly from eight years of service with the Reagan Administration.

“Her presence was always felt, and it was always known,” he recalled. “You know, she wasn’t this overreaching-type woman. They tried to create her like she was devilish, and she was behind the scenes with the invisible hand.  They really were a team. She was very solid. They talk about her trying to ‘moderate’ him – she was a conservative before he was.”

“She was just as committed to defeating the Soviet Union and expanding liberty as he was,” Levin said of the Reagans.

Levin recalled that the fact the Reagans were “Hollywood-rich” was made into a “national scandal” by the media, even when they were using their own money and connections to restore White House glamour that had been frittered away by the Carters, right down to replacing the White House china with their own money.  That makes for an interesting contrast with today’s media, which seems untroubled by the current President’s expense of vast sums of taxpayer money on lavish vacations and White House parties.

“She was something else,” Levin said of Nancy Reagan. “An elegant, classy lady… You know, it is an era gone. I miss these people very, very much. I miss that Administration.”

He said the presidents ranking highest in his estimation were “Washington, Lincoln, Reagan – and I mean them in that order.”

Levin lamented the dearth of “Reaganites” making appearances on TV news programs today – a deficiency he intends to address through the launch of his new commercial-free Internet video program at on Monday night. (Note: the special inaugural discount for subscriptions to the program ends tonight.)

He described the new show as “another avenue to reach as many people as possible,” advising conservatives to take advantage of the collapsing viewership of traditional TV and cable news broadcasts, and augment their dominance on talk radio, by creating such alternative media video options on the Internet.

He said it was more important than ever for conservatives to make themselves heard, through every media outlet imaginable, while the Left openly pushes socialism on the country… because, as Levin put it, “I don’t want to be one of Mao’s children, an agrarian out in the field picking rice.”

You can hear the full conversation between Mark Levin and Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon below:

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