Wisconsin: Trump’s Rise Destroys 3 Political Careers–Ryan , Walker, Priebus

Donald-Trump Gerald Herbert AP
Gerald Herbert/AP

From Craig Gilbert writing at the Journal Sentinel:

If you want to understand the havoc Donald Trump is wreaking in the GOP, just consider the pain he has inflicted on three Republican stalwarts from Wisconsin: Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus.

Not long ago, this trio was hailed as the vanguard of an emboldened national party that clobbered Democrats in midterm elections and redefined how far conservatives could go in blue and purple states.

But today that party is having a manic, Trump-fueled identity crisis, and all three have been ensnared in the struggle.

Walker was the star governor and presidential prospect derailed by Trump.

Priebus is the party chairman whose big plans for Republican outreach, especially to Hispanics, have been trampled on by Trump.

And Ryan is the House speaker whose goal of crafting a post-Obama governing blueprint for his party’s next nominee may be foiled or ignored by Trump.

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